Happy Wall is an analog interactive pixel screen. The screen consists of nearly 2000 wooden boards that can be reversed and change color. Happy Wall is your opportunity to make a huge artwork in the middle of Copenhagen.

The purpose of Happy Wall is to give people a way to express them selves in a big scale in a big city. Everybody who wants can in this way create patterns, animals, words or statements. The only limit is your imagination.

Happy Wall is made by recycling artist Thomas Dambo out of the remnants of Tuborg’s cinema tribune at Roskilde Festival 2013. It’s placed on the subway fence on Kongens Nytorv.


Public Space

“Throughout my whole life I liked to express myself in public spaces through street art and graffiti. I always thought it was a shame that all my stuff would be taken down again because it was illegal. At the same time there would be a lot of posters for concerts and from big companies trying to sell you something. This led me on a course where I would make stuff that people could interact with in one way or another.

The first 3 months everybody used Happy Wall as I had intended them to, like write their names or draw something, but then at some point people started writing their names with pencils or markers on the actual pixel and I didn’t expect this to happen.

If you make art that allows people to interact with it, be creative and play - then people will interact, be creative and play. So this is inevitable, if you give people the right to paint on the wall, they will also paint on the floor. That’s how it is.”



“I know what trash looks like. And I know what trash looks like in a big scale, so when I’m rocking at Roskilde Festival and I see this big cinema tribune made from around 2500 wooden boards, I go and ask the staff what they’re going to do with all these boards after the festival. I was 99% sure the answer would be that they where going to throw them out - and I was right. This way I got all these wooden boards free of charge and used them to make Happy Wall.

Everything I create is made of recycled materials. I go around on my bicycle, which is like a rickshaw turned into a bicycle pick-up truck. I find materials all over Copenhagen and I bring them back to my workshop. Using recycled materials is important to me. I try to get the message across and inspire other people to notice and play with the world leftovers.

The word Happy is a word that I’ve been using in a lot of my projects. It’s a word significant for what I would like my art to be about, more than it’s just a title for the Happy Wall.”


A big THANK YOU to Thomas Dambo! To learn more about the artist and his projects, please visit MR.DAMBO