“Fælledparken skate” is the second biggest outdoor skate park in Denmark. It’s 4500 squaremeters and well suited for both beginners and ‘pros’. The park is made in iron and concrete which makes the surface of the park plain and ideal for skating. The park is divided into 3 levels: beginners, moderate and pro – The park was originally built in 1988 and was renovated in 2004. A group of Copenhagen skaters who weren’t satisfied with the facilities decided to contact the Environment and technic management of Copenhagen. As part of a comprehensive renovation of fælledparken (2004); Københavns Kommune refurbished the skatearea that has been part of the park since 1988.

In attempt to make the best condtions, the skatepark was build in cooperation with skaters from the Danish skatescene- In 2007 the Government approved the plans and started drawing the park. The new surroundings give a new and activating pulse in Copenhagen development opportunities for youngsters in the city. The skatepark is a visually open landscape – and visible by people and audiences that has not been there before. This openness with an improved lighting gives the surroundings a secure and good experience in the park.

Practical information

The park is lid up There is benches and tabels Toilets are available It’s possible to rent equipment You can park your car nearby

  • Obstacles:
  • Mini-vert
  • Vert
  • Quaterpipes
  • Handrail
  • Manual Pad
  • Euro-gap
  • Speed-bump
  • Pyramid
  • Bowl
  • Bank
  • Practise rail
  • Flatbar
  • Ledges
Allowed: skateboards, rollerblades and BMX-bikes

How to get there

The adress of the skate park is: Edel Sauntes Allé 3, 2100 København Ø

The route drawn on the map is from Nørreport station, wich is somewhat close by.

you can also get to the park from nørreport station with the busses named: 150s - 184 - 6A - and get off at the stop named “Nørre campus”