Poetry reading at Tranquebar

A reader.

Tranquebar is a place where everyone and anyone can come and read something up, either something you’ve written or came up with and you are of course also welcome to read a poem or text from a book or video, it can be absolute anything and each person gets three minutes of speech! Poetry at Tranquebar is an event every second Monday of the month from 8 pm to 10 pm, at the restaurant Tranquebar at Nørrebro. The doors open up at. 7 pm. If you want time on stage, you can contact the host of the evening, write an entry in the Facebook event or write to the side.

Poetry at Tranquebar is a multicultural event, so it’s not just Danes but every nationality is welcome to read up in any language! The event takes place inside the Indian restaurant, because the owner of the restaurant has a desire for literature. It’s possible to buy and eat food at the restaurant and enjoy that while enjoying poetry from all kinds of writers, experienced, beginners or just poetry lovers. The audience always welcomes you with an open heart and mind with great energy to always make you feel good and comfortable. It’s truly a pleasure to be a part of an evening with poetry at Tranquebar.

Another reader.


  • Reader.
  • Again another reader.
  • Yet another reader.
  • A reader reading poetry from a book
  • Some audience.
  • Audience applausing at a reader.