Skateboarding in Copenhagen

Skateboarding is simply an awesome sport. Whether you want to use it as transportation or just having fun. It is very easy to start and learn as all you need is your board.

There are many opportunities to try out skateboarding in Denmark, especially in and around Copenhagen where there are close to 100 skateparks.

Skateparks offer an opportunity for individuals to perfect their skills on skateboards, inline skates and bikes.

Unlike organized sports, like basketball or football, skateboarding has no set arena or rules and skateparks have no standard design template. Each skatepark is designed specifically to provide unique challenges to its users.

Don’t get disheartened by a few falls - just pick yourself up and keep at it. When you find it easy to roll around - you are ready to learn the tricks.

You will find that most skateparks in and around Copenhagen are made of concrete. This is because they require fewer repairs and less maintenance.

Even though the Danish weather can be unpredictable, the climate is fairly mild all year round which is perfect for practicing skateboarding. July is the hottest month in Copenhagen with an average temperature of 17°C

Going to skateparks is completely free, just be sure to go to the ones that are publicly owned.

Check out some of the most iconic skateparks in Copenhagen:

Den Røde Plads

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roedeplads_2 roedeplads_5


faelledparken_5 faelledparken_3
faelledparken_1 faelledparken_4


israelsplads_3 israelplads_2


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