Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is a fairytale-like green paradise in the middle of Copenhagen, where you can witness mother earts' natural wonders from all around the world. The garden belongs to the natural history museum in the midst of the high-cultural captital, Copenhagen, and it is a part of campus for Copenhagen University.

Botanical Gardens' purpose is to help increase our knowledge and understanding of plantlife in the fungal kingdom, while experiencing diversity and thereby promoting knowledge of plants and fungi in their natural conservation.

The garden is often used by students that seek peace to read, study or relax, maybe even meet up for a midday jam with their acoustic guitars.

Botanical Garden's history goes back to August 2, 1600, and the garden has over the years had four different addresses. In 2004, four institutes, including the Botanical Museum, gathered in the Natural History Museum. Botanical Museum no longer exists, but the museum's collections are now part of the Botanical Garden. The ancient and rare collections are among the 15 largest in the world.



Øster Farimagsgade 2C
1353 København K