Red Square is a part of Superkilen, which is a public park in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Superkilen is divided into three areas: the red square, the black place and a green area. All three areas represent different free activites and offer spaces for young people to hang out and have fun with their friends. Red Square was designed to combine social life in the city with active sports. On the red painted asphalt you’ll find young boys skating around on skateboards or rollerblades, girls having fun on the swings, fitness freaks working out in the sun at the fitness spot, which includes a Thaiboxing ring Or romantic couples enjoying cheap food from the public kitchen every Tuesday. Red Square has a big red painted carpet stretched out over the area. It is defined by a street at each end with buildings and fences along the sides. The whole area is tied together by surrounding edges and lines - all in red colours. Red Square was designed in cooperation by Superflex, Bjarke Ingels Group and the a German architects Topotek1. The park opened in June 2012 and has since been a popular place to go because of the countless free activties. This includes swings from Iraq, benches from Brazil

The project is part of the City of Copenhagen regeneration of outer Nørrebro in partnership with Realdania. The aim is to give the area a boost by adding urban development at a high international level to inspire other cities and neighborhoods. The park celebrates Nørrebro's ethnic diversity and is filled with items from different parts of the world and represent the more than 50 nationalities living in Nørrebro. Description The area covers a total of 30,000 m2 and extends over 750 meters in extension of Nørrebroparken to Mjølnerparken and as part of the green cycle route. Superkilen consists of three areas: the red square, the black space and a green area. The red seat at Nørrebrogade and Nørrebrohallen is painted in crisp red, orange and purple shades and focuses on relaxation, urban life, flea market and musical events. The black space serves as a gathering place for local residents including palm trees from China and barbecue areas. The green part of Superkilen has hilly landscape with trees and vegetation and caters to picnic, sports activities and walking the dog. Much of the furniture in the park is imported or imitated from abroad This includes swings from Iraq, benches from Brazil


Red Square is located in outer Nørrebro in central Copenhagen and runs right through Nørrebro. It is painted in bright red, orange and pink and focusses on recreation and modern living. You can go on your bike and take a ride around in the coolest neighborhood and enjoy the many different free activites.


The aim is to give the area a boost by adding urban development at a high international level to inspire other cities and neighborhoods. Much of the infrastructure in the park has been specially imported or copied from foreign designs. You can see it in the swings from Iraq, benches from Brazil, a climbing playground from India, a sound system fra Jamaica and classic iron litter bins from the UK. Red Square welcomes more than 50 different nationalites that can be found in Nørrebro and celebrates the ethnic diversity of the area.

During the summer there are plenty of arrangements in Red Square: food markets where you can taste food made on the spot from all over the world, free concerts, 48-hour knitting competitions, and cool flea markets where you can find secondhand clothes and other antique things. On Red Square there is always something to do, someone to talk to or something to listen to. You have to visit at least one of the squares – start with Red Square. Wanna know whats going on right now or during the summer? Go to