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Friday night

Imagine the perfect night; it’s Friday, the weekend is finally here after a long and exhausting week in school. You are enjoying the night with friends, music and lots of beers.

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The music is playing and as the hours passes by, you are getting more and more intoxicated from all the beers. You begin to feel the weight of all your responsibilities leaving your body, and you slowly become numb to the outside world. The mood is cheerful and the alcohol makes you confident. Its getting late, and you decide its time to leave - you don’t want to ruin the whole next day because of a massive hangover, you are not 16 anymore after all.

Your worst nightmare

During a short amount of time, though it feels like hours to you – this perfect night turns into the worst night of your life.

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Everything you thought only existed in your worst nightmares, is suddenly standing in front of you starring directly into your eyes. Your intoxication immediately disappears, and you know that your life will be changed forever. You furthermore have a feeling that your survival is in the hands of a creature from hell….

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